A Beijing-based startup has developed a mapping system that tracks links between companies on the Internet and updates the picture in real time as new data comes in. The product is designed to give investors a clearer view of what is going on and help them make the right decisions.

EverString’s Company Connections Mapping Provides Investment Signals

How do all the companies on the Internet fit together? Which of them are at the centre of things? Which are the most promising fields at any one time and, most importantly, which are the rising stars that merit investor attention? These are the questions that EverString, headquartered in Beijing, is trying to answer, providing business intelligence through a novel approach to cartographic modelling. Everstring uses Artificial Intelligence technology to perform semantic analysis and then structures and maps all reliable, hitherto-unstructured business data in a way designed to help entrepreneurs and investors make the right decisions.

Real-time web mapping

Everstring’s main activities centre on three areas. First, the most basic, consists of gathering all commercial data and structuring it under various headings. In addition to this product, the company also has a ‘Smart Reading Assistant’ which searches for and makes available articles which correspond to the client’s focus of interest. Secondly, the startup makes the links between businesses in the same field, showing the results on a map entitled ‘Galaxy’. Each point on the map represents a company, with the colour signalling its field of activity and the size of the dot its degree of influence. The Galaxy map constantly changes as the real-time information flows are incorporated. In the future, the Everstring team is planning to include data from social networks, especially Twitter, so as to reflect the current situation in more detail.

Spotting opportunities

The third and certainly most promising area is all about detecting business signals and underlying industry trends. EverString’s intention is to help its clients to spot business opportunities, inter alia by making rapid assessments of the potential economic impact of major events. Its target client segment consists of venture capital firms, banks and media organisations and its competitors are the traditional players in the business intelligence sector, such as Bloomberg and Reuters. However, the new startup is clearly differentiating itself with its automated process using AI technology to perform semantic analysis of web content. EverString is currently taking part in Microsoft Ventures Accelerator programme in Beijing.


By Ruolin Yang