Eschewing big brands and boring bargains, wants to make well-designed products affordable. The site’s flash sales bring small art, fashion and home vendors to its members that might otherwise go unnoticed. e-commerce brings design to the masses


Design-centric flash sale site has taken cues from the best that e-commerce has to offer and added its own unique style. has pursued its mission of democratizing good design since June 2011 by offering small vendor pieces released on categorized days (Fashion Tuesdays, Kids Wednesdays, etc.) with discounts of up to 70 percent off. While Groupon now has a subsection for products, Groupon Goods, they launched this only in September. With several sales going on at once, consumers can browse by colors as on Etsy. Fab also manages the shipping process, which leads to a more uniform experience than with individual vendors on Groupon or Etsy.

Social shopping and a live feed contribute to a unique e-commerce experience

Fab has also been cultivating its presence on social networks, and members can sign up for social shopping, which plugs into Facebook and shares items on their timeline. This opt-in integration is rewarded with monthly credits that can be applied towards purchases. Customers can also view the live feed, which is populated by member-favorited and purchased items within the site. While shoppers can share items on social networks while browsing other product-based flash sites such as Hautelook, the integration with rewards and the live feed create another unique experience for the user.

Fab brings business and traffic to independent designers

Positioning itself as a curation site for independent designers has led to some other effects. The Manhattan-based company is seen as a somewhat quirky trendsetter, its staff featured in a Wall Street Journal fashion blog. This fashionable strategy and its concentration on smaller vendors that are featured on its site gives the brand a great edge in a saturated flash sale category. They benefit from national traffic - illustrator Chris Piascik saw the largest traffic spike in his site’s history when his artwork was featured in a Fab sale. manages to take a niche concept - high design products - and make it accessible enough through price, curation and exposure that it appeals to a wide market.

By Ivory King