Facebook could purely be described as a web site based on the networking and community wave that has been submerging the US for the past few years. Its use is relatively simple. Register with a valid e-mail address, complete y

our profile, load it with pictures, start sharing, networking, and much more!

Facebook log in area

ComScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world, recently released Facebook demographics, showing that “Facebook’s decision to open registration has helped attract new visitors from outside the 18-24 year old age segment.  In fact, the 38-percent increase among 18-24 year olds was the lowest rate of growth of the age segments represented in the study.  The most dramatic growth occurred among 25-34 year olds (up 181 percent), while 12-17 year olds grew 149 percent and those age 35 and older grew 98 percent.”

Facebook demographics by ComScore

“Given its roots as a college networking site, Facebook has historically shown very strong skews toward the 18-24 year old age segment,” said Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix.  “However, since the decision to open registration to everyone, the site has seen visitors from all age groups flood the site.  As the overall visitation to Facebook continues to grow, the demographic composition of the site will likely more closely resemble that of the total Internet audience.”

Below is a map of Facebook, Network Popularity in the United States, updated on July 10th, 2007. Toronto, London and Vancouver are respectively the top 3, combining 1.5M users for these 3 major cities.

Facebook popularity

1 – Toronto, ON, Canada: 643,951 users
2 – London, UK: 589,485 users
3 – Vancouver, BC, Canada: 283,726 users
4 – Norway: 267,079 users
5 – New York, NY: 249,960 users
10 – Ottawa, Canada: 147,994 users
12 – Montreal, Canada:  130,074 users
14 – Los Angeles, CA: 129,330 users
16 – Dallas-Ft, TX 111,546 users
20 – Philadelphia, PA: 105,151 users
25 – Houston, TX: 84,048 users
30 – Leeds, UK:  35,280 users
35- Bristol, UK: 60,006 users
40 – Seattle, WA: 52,820 users
50 – Milwaukee, WI: 46,968 users