After filing a complaint against the website “”, the social networking giant got control of this shady website, and so called attention to web users about type-in traffic based on typos in domain names, a phenomenon called “typosquatting” or “URL hijacking”.

Indeed, has been created by Mr. Bauer, the purpose of this website was to promise cheap Apple products. It used the same web design style than Facebook and redirected users to a social survey center to get their mail address. Finally, a ruling by the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center has been issued in favor of Facebook, and a Facebok visitor will be automatically redirected to the well-known and real Facebook Web site. However, other domain names based on a misspelled Facebook address also still lead to these ill-intended Web sites promising free tech gear -, or for instance.

Facebook Inc formerly did not register formal complaints about its domain name, but seems to be determined to protect its users against URL hijacking, and obtain ownership over these types of domain names. In fact, it’s so easy to make a mistake while typing a letter in error, that fake sites use the design of their expected destination. This causes people to believe they are on the correct site, and site owners can easily get your login. That’s why typosquatting is becoming an entire malicious industry, relying upon typographical errors.

Other famous Web sites have the same problem, like with or with, and there are legions of misleading Web pages imitating popular sites. Hopefully, the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act in the United States will contain a section aimed at combating typosquattin. This is the first initiative and others will appear in the future at an international level.

By Laura Tisserand