“Facebook is intended to be used only to connect you to the people you already know offline; it's a "utility," to use the preferred label of its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.”say David Kirkpatrick, Fortune senior editor. B

ut for some people, the word friend become so generalized -and boring - on Facebook.

Friendship is a tough thing to have offline. Thus Facebook allows you to have as many friends as you wish - even raccoons have profiles. All you need is to send out an invitation known as “a friend request”. Simply go to the Facebook Search page and find people you know by typing their names in the search box, then click on the “add to friend” button. That person will then receive the message and, more than likely confirm the friendship connection with you.

More than often these are the messages (spam) that you receive and you just don’t know the person asking you to be in his/her network of friends. So simply hit the OK button if you are one of those bumper sticker maniacs and self-promoters who like to show off and tell the world how popular they are with their so-called 841friends in their great network.

Once agreed to be your friend, they will show up on your Friends List. Congrats!

Meg Pickard has an interesting post on her blog that is Facebook is a confused social space – a ‘one-size-fits-all kind’ of tool.
"The trouble with Facebook is that it’s a confused social space. There are too many different facets of personality being exposed through social openness. So much so, in fact, that it gets a bit difficult to manage.
For example, at present on Facebook, I have (among others) the following listed as “Friends”:

My husband

Several people I’ve known since I was 11

College friends I haven’t talked to in 15 years

My boss

A couple of people from university I’d lost touch with

Several people I know from t’internet, but haven’t met / don’t actually know

A few people on a mailing list I belong to

A handful of family members

A few people who work for me

At least one ex boyfriend

People who I’ve seen around the office but never exchanged more than words of greeting with

While I obviously wouldn’t have connected with these people via Facebook if I hadn’t wanted to, it’s pushing the definition a bit to lump all of them together into the same bucket, labelled “friends”. Why? Because most of them aren’t strictly friends (although they’re all lovely, obviously).”

Now let’s say you would like to get in touch with another CFO, for professional purposes. Does Facebook really become THE way to go and the place to start the business relationship? Do you need to become his/her Facebook “friend” from now on? One thing is for sure, poking might not be the best way of a high level business relationship.

So is the way to connect on Facebook really all about a meaningful friendship when volunteered to be friend with someone has to be the only way to be well linked in?