This startup company has developed technology which enables a website visitor who has begun the search for a product on a PC to continue the browsing process on a mobile device without quitting the session. To switch the session to another device you just enter your email address or ‘flash’ on a QR code.

Folloyu Helps Ensure Online Customers Follow through on Purchase after Switching Devices

The multichannel approach has many advantages for retailers, but it does carry the risk that a retail site will fail to retain a prospective customer and so lose the sale. To counter this and ensure that a customer who needs to switch suddenly from a PC, say, to a smartphone or tablet doesn’t lose the view on the prospective purchase, Folloyu has created a system which lets the site visitor get straight back to his/her online shopping cart, return directly to a video screening or even pick up a game where s/he left off, without having to worry about which device to use. The system is on display at the Futur en Seine International Digital Festival, currently taking place (14 - 24 June) in Paris. It provides a tab or widget which you click on to continue your online session on another device. Basically, if you want to switch device you just click on the tab

‘Switch Device’ tab

This opens up a strip which lets you scan a Quick Response code – via an ad hoc application or the Folloyu application – or enter your e-mail address. From then on, if you’re working on your computer and want to find the page or the activity on a mobile device, you can either scan the code with the mobile or type the URL from the site into it – provided you have an Apple or Android-based device. If a company wishes to offer this seamless browsing service to site visitors and potential customers, it first needs to open an account on the Folloyu site. The site then offers three options. The first option is for the company’s website developer to install on his site a widget which is available on the Folloyu site.

Three ways of implementing Folloyu technology

In order to do this, he just has to fill in a form to customise the tab and transfer features. The second way is to install a plug-in developed by Folloyu, which is available for several different Content Management Systems – such as Wordpress – i.e. a pre-designed file which is installed via the administrator space. The third option is to use an Application Programming Interface (API) which is integrated into an application or a game, i.e. a programming interface enabling the ‘cross device continuity’ capabilities. The service is today available free of charge. However, in its conditions of use, Folloyu reserves the right to advise the user of a change in pricing conditions at a later date.