Android app curator Best App Market releases its newest project to aid in game discovery. Gamers select the traits they want, and the Game Genome Project connects them to new apps.

The Game Genome Project: mapping traits of mobile games to facilitate discovery

Discovery recommendations come to Android games with the Game Genome Project, a Best Apps Market project that maps traits within the entries in the Google Play Store. The GGP aims to help users find new products that would otherwise be lost among the thousands of choices available on Android app markets. Users select the traits that they want in their ideal game, and the GGP uses algorithms to select among millions of possible “genotypes” that result from trait combinations and serve them up to the Android handset owner. Users can also save favorite trait combinations within the project, which will in turn email new game suggestions that match.

Selecting traits lets users more easily discover their new favorite games...

While the full software is not yet available, the website allows visitors to preview the product by entering traits into the “Blender,” which offers limited traits to choose from - such as type of gameplay sensor, theme, speed, or skills. For instance, a prompt for sci-fi strategy games with normal speed and swipe input gives us Squibble, Planetary Wars, The Marbians, etc. The Game Genome Project will be quite different from the BAM’s initial offering, which is a site and app that curates apps by several categories.

...and developers get connected to higher-value customers

The Best Apps Market offers developers an advertising option that captures a high-value customer, and it stands to reason that BAM will offer something similar when it launches its next project. Users are researching apps and games on BAM because they want to find something new or to fill a particular need. With the Game Genome Project, this customer could prove to be even more high value, since they are further increasing their chances of liking the product by providing their preferences beforehand.

By Ivory King