Digital Natives see advertisement inserts published in traditional print media as a useful way of obtaining information on products and services, which they will then either go and buy at a nearby store or purchase online.

Generation Y-ers still Influenced by Print Media Advertising

Traditional advertising in newspapers and journals still represents a significant step along the path to purchase among young people aged between 18 and 34. This is the finding of a survey performed by Valassis, a Michigan, USA-based marketing and media services company. According to the results of the Consumer Print Usage Survey carried out on Facebook among 858 US-based ‘Millennials’, this type of advertising not only plays a role in decision-making but is also a catalyst for online shopping. In fact, one out of six of the young people polled stated that s/he would purchase less if it were not for advertising inserts in newspapers and magazines.

A useful information source

Newspaper inserts guide the Generation Y-ers prior to shopping in several ways: 68% of those surveyed said such ads alert them to sales, while 35% reported that the inserts help them decide where to buy the product they are looking for.Some 51% said moreover that the inserts actually drive them to make a purchase, whether in-store or online. In fact the survey revealed that 30% of the Gen-Y newspaper insert readers go online after seeing a product or service featured in print media.

Price the key driver?

Budget sensitivity is a highly important factor, 91% of the Generation Y-ers polled stating that the information in the newspaper inserts helped them to save money in various product sectors. Some 84% of these Millennials said that print media advertising helped them to find coupons and price reductions when buying clothes. Almost nine out of ten said that when they went out to eat they chose a restaurant on the basis of print advertisements. The power of print also seems to work for the telecoms sector as well, as 64% of those surveyed said such advertisements were their preferred information source when they are thinking of buying a mobile phone.

By Albino Pedroia
Consultant Média