Everyone expected it! It is coming from 17 year-old New Jersey teenager George Hotz, who confirmed today on national television, that he broke the iPhone code and is now using it without Apple’s exclusive US carrier AT&T. Today th

e iPhone is only sold in the United States, but Hotz might have opened the door for overseas users. Apple’s shares went up +2.5%, and the reason might be related to what happened yesterday. Hotz posted publicly on his blog   the 2 hours-or-so process to free the magic device from its exclusive carrier, broken down in 10 steps. You might need your migraine reliever ready by the end of it, but think of this teenager who spent his entire summer working on the project. George Hotz wished he could have made the directions simpler so users could modify the device themselves, “But that’s the simplest I could make them,” Hotz said.   “So patch out the [carrier] lock; voila, unlocked Apple iPhone,” the 17 year-old teenager Hotz said.   Even though modifications preserve the iPhone’s many functions, such as the access to Wi-Fi networks, users are warned that the 10-step process can be very complex and may be fatal to the device. “The only thing that won’t work is the ‘visual voicemail’ feature, which shows voice messages as if they were incoming e-mail.” George Hotz can now insert his T-Mobile chip, which is compatible with the iPhone’s cellular technology.   Hotz could have made a lot of money by selling the unlocking code instead of posting it for free on the Internet, but he says, “I believe information should be free, and I try to make the math as simple as possible for every one to follow.”   Although he said, “That’s exactly, like, what I don’t want…I don’t want people making money off this.”, Hotz posted his second unlocked iPhone for bid on Ebay , and the bid now is reaching the ridiculous price of $35,000,000. Hotz second unlocked iPhone for sell on Ebay Now, it might not seem to be a big evolution to switch from AT&T to T-Mobile, but the big picture is that overseas users -such as Europeans and Asians- will be able to use the device sooner than expected, and on any network.   Watch the video on how to unlock the iPhone, by George Hotz (aka geohot)   Watch also George Hotz's interview on CNBC More links - updated 08/26/07: George Hotz's Blog George Hotz's Myspace page George Hotz's CNBC Interview George Hotz's CNN Interview 1/2 George Hotz's CNN Interview 2/2 George Hotz's Youtube Video   By Mathieu Ramage FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at editorial@atelier-us.com