This week  reviews what's trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor,  dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. Job interviews on Second Life While plenty of people are immersed in the

world of Second Life, this real-life simulation game ups the ante when it comes to realism by allowing job interviews to be conducted in a virtual environment. Global consultancy giant Accenture has already started doing so in Second Life after a series of job fairs in the virtual game. Well I'd be extremely wary if I were the Human Resource Manager for Accenture as it is common knowledge that someone with the handle Sexy16 normally turns out to be someone with man boobs, a big fat waist, is living on social welfare and eats nothing but pizza and drink beer all day long. If you were in charge of recruitment in your company, would you use Second Life as an interview avenue?   Cellphone used as electronic wallet The wallet might soon be replaced by your cellphone as time and technology progresses. Mobile banking services are slowly but surely extending its reach into every aspect of life, turning the humble cellphone into a powerful, portable banking tool, enabling you to send and receive money, as well as purchase goods on-the-fly. Of course naysayers will have plenty of concern regarding security of the system, but it sure as heck beats carrying cash and credit cards around. The country of Philippines is making inroads where e-commerce is concerned as the two biggest mobile service subscribers (Globe Telecom and Smart Communications) have taken steps to promote e-commerce using cellphones. How do you see this development change your spending habits?   How to downgrade your iPhone Very rarely will you find instructions to downgrade a device, but there are now instructions floating around the Internet, allowing you to downgrade the iPhone from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2. That won't result in downgrading your baseband, and hence that means you won't be able to re-unlock an iPhone which has already been upgraded to 1.1.1, but then again it is still 1.0.2 where third party applications are concerned. Currently, iPhone Dev Team is trying to find a way to downgrade the new firmware, allowing people to unlock their phones again. Well, if you're an AT&T user, there basically isn't anything to worry about as you did not irk Cupertino's wrath by dealing with this shady unlocking business.   Mac gets new AOL Desktop Mac users will soon be able to take advantage of the new AOL desktop that is Leopard-ready and can load within seconds, giving users a fully-integrated and customizable experience including tabbed browsing, AIM integration, planned support for multiple email accounts, and enhanced toolbar functionality. Some of the key features include: „h Fast Load Time: AOL® Desktop for Mac launches within seconds and enables users to begin browsing immediately, without signing in to the software. „h Tabbed Navigation: Tabbed browser and AIM® windows offer easy access to content, and an uncluttered, organized view of all open windows. „h Additional Email Options: A streamlined AOL Mail experience allows users to send and receive messages using multiple email accounts, including Apple Mac addresses, Gmail, Verizon and more from one Inbox. „h AIM Integration: AIM is built in to the software, so users can view Buddies online, chat, and more while checking their email or browsing the Web. „h Customizable Toolbar: An easy-to-use customizable toolbar gives users quick access to their favorite sites. „h Premiere Safety and Security: AOL Desktop for Mac is backed by AOL’s host safety protections, including spam filters; mail and IM blocking capabilities; and blocking of known phishing sites.   Aptera vehicle going into production The Aptera might look pretty space age in terms of design, but surprisingly it will actually enter production. You can reserve yours today by dropping half a grand (refundable), and can expect to take one home within a year. The Aptera is said to seat 2 adults comfortably and can hit 60mph from a standing start in approximately 10 seconds, and features an electronically limited top speed of 95mph. Inside the car, everything looks pretty normal ranging from the airbags, rear view camera, GPS navigation, and CD/MP3/DVD player with XM. A solar assisted climate control system helps keep the Aptera's interior cool, and you can choose from an All Electric or Plug-in Hybrid when it comes to the engine. The former will retail for $26,900 while the latter is slightly more expensive at $29,900, although it can achieve a mileage of 300 miles per gallon. Booking one today?   Courtesy of our expert Contributor:   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at