The new startup gives users the salaries and company reviews of employees from America’s top businesses as long as they do the same.   Glassdoor adopts a one-for-one approach whereby users, who can use the site for free, can only

see the salaries and reviews of companies and their management if they post the same information.   Glassdoor’s purpose is to provide users with a place to compare their work experience in its entirety. Salary comparisons and negative management reviews will help employees when looking for jobs, giving them a scope with which to compare a job offer or sway them from leaving a current one.   The Web site launched its Beta version late Tuesday night, giving visitors access to the top salaries and reviews of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and Cisco Systems for free.   Each company and CEO on the Web site gets a rating (1 to 5). The four companies listed openly on the Beta site have salary and ratings, but information about other companies requires the user to submit his/her own.   The average salary of a Google software engineer, including potential bonuses, is $112,573, while the same position at Yahoo and Google earn $105,642 and $105,375, respectively.   Glassdoor’s business plan is to sell advertising space targeted at those looking for jobs, premium services, and HR professionals looking for the salary data the Web site obtains.   Initially, the company will cover Bay Area technology companies, but a diverse offering will gradually pour in.   To date, Glassdoor has received $3 million in venture funding, and with the opportunity to rant about employment dislikes, it would be no surprise if the company gets more popular as well as more funding.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at