Today Google launched its health-related Web site Google Health after months of anticipation, furthering the informational scope of the search engine giant.   Google Health users can now bring together many of their health records

, assimilating information from prescriptions to health records in order to make managing such vast information much easier.   At an event to celebrate the launch at its Mountain View facility, Google announced that users will be able to import their prescriptions, medical health records, immunizations, and opt to receive text message alerts including prescription refills.   Partnerships with the country’s top medical companies enable users to share their information in order to make their health maintenance less troublesome.   The partners include the American Heart Association, CVS Long Drugs pharmacies, Walgreens, and Quest Diagnostics, though Google says thousands of more partnerships need to be added and will be coming soon.   At the initial phases of the site, Google Health only enables users to share all or none of the information, though in the near future the company will create the necessary changes that enable users to select which data they would like to share with certain companies.   The company stresses that information put on the Web site is entirely confidential and will not be shared with means to identify users.   It may be used for anonymous statistical purposes, but by no means will such information come up in online searches.   Google Health is also partnering with the Cleveland Clinic in order to promote personal health among its users. A new gadget called Walk for Google will track the distance users walk over a 15 week period. If users reach a certain goal, they will be eligible to vote on a charity to which the search engine company will donate $100,000.   Google Health represents the newest addition to the Internet company that dominates Internet revenue, namely in advertising dollars.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at