On Tuesday Google unveiled a new version of its in-site search service for businesses with new features to make it easier for visitors to navigate a company’s public Web page. The service formerly known as Google Custom Searc

h Business Edition is now called Google Site Search, and comes with 4 new features: Enhanced Index Coverage, Synonyms, Date Biasing, and Top Results Biasing.

The new indexing feature is more comprehensive than Google’s previous version, crawling and indexing more content deep within the site. It is designed specifically for business Web sites, but the indexing feature also compliments the pages that come up in normal Google Web searches.

The Synonyms feature gives Web site owners direct influence over searches by allowing them to program synonyms for search words so that search results list the precise word(s) searched as well as its synonyms.

It consolidates search efforts, making site navigation more user-friendly while giving the site owner the power to customize a Web site’s search word bank.

The Date and Top Results Biasing also give owners the power to influence search results by deciding what content comes up first.

Date Biasing enables owners to influence search results based on the age of documents, so that older ones come up later than more recent ones. The feature can be disabled entirely or configured to specific levels for Web sites, such as low, medium, or high.

Top Results Biasing lets owners target top results from different sections of the Web site such as product catalogues.

The improvements are designed to make site navigation more user-friendly for a company’s visitors while giving Web site owners power to more effectively customize the layout and performance of the site.

Starting at $100 a year, Google’s service is an inexpensive way to make a big impact.

By Danny Scuderi
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