Health startup Mevident is building a social network to support wellness services, benefits and programs. It developed a holistic healthcare approach to help in benefit competition, boost employee welfare and relieve an overloaded medical system.

Healthcare: a holistic approach, better for companies?

While technology, web startups and Internet usage have all affected the medical industry in important ways, one common thread has emerged for all industry participants - practitioners, patients, employers and schools all want to communicate more easily and in more meaningful ways to improve wellness. To answer these needs, Mevident has created a social network and Web platform to provide Web-based wellness services, help practitioners collaborate, and create a community that can use new tech to provide more coordinated care. This tech can provide more information so that practitioners can review assessment results, build records, share recommendations, as well as work together to provide holistic care.

An approach that helps improve workplace culture…

Incorporating Mevident in healthcare benefits saves employers money, but its effects are more widespread than that. “The biggest benefit employers get from our platform is attracting and engaging talents,” Founder and CEO Asako Tsumagari tells us. “In our survey, 40 - 80% of the people will look up wellness benefits when they have to choose between similar job offers.” This perk affects hired individuals as well - 70% of employees say they would put more effort into their job if their employer provided wellness care. This improvement in employee engagement translates to more than just healthcare cost savings - research suggests that unproductive hours at the office due to illness costs more than direct medical expenses, and impacts workplace culture.

…By developing a network outside of traditional medical care

As for the other participants in this social network, the employee-centric system gives individuals access to professional resources and guidance. With the current trend towards holistic care, Mevident has created a community of wellness practitioners that operate outside of traditional medical doctors. This translates to fewer invasive treatments, more preventative care, and wellness support in the form of “personal trainers, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, life coaches, yoga teachers, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.” Tsumagari explains. Mevident does not include traditional medical doctors in their community due to current reforms within the industry. But Tsumagari believes that what Mevident is building will create solutions for our current healthcare system. 

By Ivory King