A study released this summer from King Fish Media showed that an overwhelming proportion of companies have social media strategies. The study, titled "Social Media Usage, Atttitudes and Measurability: What do Marketers Think?" co

vered US marketers and managers, over half of which were in the publishing, media, advertising and marketing industries. Most of the respondents' customers were B2B or B2C or a mix of the two.

72 percent of these companies have a social media marketing strategy, and if they do not, eighty percent will in the next year.

Three-quarters will increase social media investment in the next twelve months. Of that majority, around a third have tied the budget to a specific project or custom media program, another third will add an incremental increase to their marketing budget.

Social media is categorized as a marketing responsibility - seventy percent delegate social media campaigns to that department, and only 23 percent to management. Very few consider managing such campaigns to be a full-time job within itself, and ninety percent add it to an existing job. Very little outsourcing is done by companies - 85 percent handle social media internally. Of the thirteen percent that outsource, 41 percent of work goes to freelancers, 26 percent to an ad or marketing agency, another 26 percent to a social media agency and nineteen percent to a PR agency.

Companies have different goals when it comes to what they are promoting using social media. 67 percent focus on the company as a whole, and 41 percent spotlight individuals who work at the company. Less than a quarter showcase a specific brand of the company. These efforts strive to promote both new customer acquisition and customer retention.

Most often strategies currently include LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The most popular sites that these companies plan to add are YouTube, news aggregate sites and bookmarking sites.