Hulu often seems to be at the mercy of its network and cable television content providers, as when Comedy Central pulled The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - the shows will cease to be streamed by Hulu on March 9th. While

this could lead to an uptick of questionable content that involves prehistoric prepubescents, Hulu seems to have gone in a more mainstream-constructive direction.

If I Can Dream is Hulu's first foray into original content, and the project has a fairly solid backing of established creator Simon Fuller and big name branding with Pepsi and Ford.

The main If I Can Dream site features a 3D rendered map of the house, and promises an immersive experience with different ways to interact with the "dreamers" and the 60 cameras.

The "Just Watch" option does provide a classic Web cam meditation on banality. A quiet moment with cast member Ben folding and putting away clothes while singing "O Canada" probably won't make it into the edited version.

So far there is one full episode on Hulu, "The Journey to Hollywood Special." It's somewhat like network TV, as Mashable says, in the aspiring performers are not going to be the only people of interest on the reality show. In the future, auditions for new places in the house will be ongoing, culled from the MySpace upload page.

The show could be successful, though it takes a handicap for its lack of celebrities or originality, as it is deemed by the Huffington Post. As they quote Robert Seidman of TV By The Numbers, "in general it would need to average about 4 million adults 18-49 for the duration of the show to be considered a success."

While there was no translation to a success threshold on an Internet-based show, if this program were to reach such levels, we could at least expect to see even more perky hopefuls on the Internet, now in HD.