On Friday, IBM announced its purchase of storage vendor Diligent Technologies for an undisclosed price. Diligent, a Massachusettes-based company, is known for its de-duplication technologies that help companies save money on ph

ysical storage for data centers by eliminating redundant data in a company’s system.

Diligent’s primary product ProtecTIER uses in-line de-duplication technology to stop redundant data from entering a system as it comes in rather than after it has already entered, a process that saves time and money according to the company.

"Diligent's data de-duplication software is a critical technology that will be integrated into the IBM Storage portfolio to further extend our information infrastructure strategy, allowing our clients to eliminate redundant data and streamline the infrastructure required to support their business -- which can result in dramatic improvements in data center efficiency," said Andy Monshaw, general manager, IBM System Storage.

Many company data centers are becoming crowded with already-existing files, compounded with the constant need to make room for new data. IBM’s acquisition makes it a leading vendor in technology to help such companies improve business.

Diligent will be integrated into the IBM System Storage business unit of the IBM Systems and Technology Group, and it is the company’s newest storage acquisition since the beginning of the year. In January, IBM acquired Israel-based XIV and recently announced a move to purchase FilesX.

Data de-duplication is a growing industry. The 451 Group predicts that de-duplication technology will grow to be a $1 billion business by next year.

With Sun-Microsystems also announcing a de-duplication capability earlier this month, de-duplication technology is steadily rising in importance, showing the need to make room for the vast amounts of information companies exchange regularly.

By Danny Scuderi
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