Toluu is a new RSS-based service intending users to share and discover new feeds. Similar to the well-liked and now retired site, ShareYourOPML, Toluu lets you share your OPML with others to bring in new feeds and share what yo

u are reading with friends. All you have to do is upload your OPML and Toluu can make recommendations based on your feed list.

Currently in private beta, Toluu will compete with Google Reader, Shyftr, Bloglines, and feed aggregators such as RSSMeme. What makes Toluu different from these sites is that it’s not trying to replace your current RSS reader (at least not yet). Instead, what Toluu intends is to offer a quick and easy way to share your feeds with others.

"Toluu got started one day at work when some friends at the office sent me some posts from blogs I had never heard of before. It seemed remarkable that I read over 150 feeds in Google Reader and yet my friends had found blogs that I really enjoyed, but had never read before," lead developer Caleb Elston wrote in an e-mail to one blogger. "I set out to create a site that was focused on sharing the feeds you read with friends and discovering new interesting feeds. I did not want to create another feed reader, there are many fantastic feed readers out there and new ones being launched and updated everyday."

Toluu has some smart features over other feed sharing sites as mentioned by ReadWriteWeb. These include the ability to sign in with OpenID, as well as a “collaborative filtering” system that makes relevant feed suggestions based on what feeds you and your friends enjoy.

Learn more about Toluu on the Toluu blog, or join Toluu by requesting a beta invitation.

By Kathleen Clark
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