Instagram is steadily raising its profile and has recently identified a more active type of influencer who could be extremely useful to brands looking to engage with more consumers.

Instagram ‘Power Users’ a Natural Vector for Brand Storytelling

Instagram, the online photo and video sharing and social networking service launched in 2010, today has close to 150 million users worldwide.  Now the France-based Kindai communications agency, which specialises in digital and social media, has carried out a study analysing the behaviour and habits of French Instagram users, focusing especially on their levels of influence. On average a typical French user follows 134 people, and the Kindai researchers found that 47% of these fall into the category of ‘power users’ – i.e. people who are more active than the average user and more widely followed by their community. Some 22% of them boast over 200,000 followers, which makes them an especially valuable target for brands looking to tell their story.

Influencers the new brand ambassadors

These ‘power users’ potentially offer great opportunities for brands since they are able to attract and unite a large community of followers. In fact, 44% of these influencers account for over 50,000 interactions per week, including comments and ‘likes’. However, Kindai found that at the moment very few brands are working with influencers even though 68% of French Instagram influencers surveyed said they would like to work with brands. Moreover, as over half of Instagram’s traditional users polled for the survey have had the urge to buy a product after seeing it in their newsfeed, brands could certainly benefit from collaborating with power users in order to get closer to their target markets.

Original geolocated content

The Kindai analysts also point to specific sectors where it would be useful for brands to have a good knowledge of who these influencers are. Over half of their posts are about tourism or fashion, which are especially attractive fields due to the large amount of original content generated. Geolocation is also a highly popular functionality, with over half of all Instagram subscribers using it. Moreover, 47% of standard-profile ‘Instagramers’ say they have been on to a commercial site after seeing a friend’s post, especially when the photos are taken in a restaurant or an arts or entertainment venue.  In fact 75% of all ‘power users’ post over ten photos a week, while the majority of users post on average only two, indicating that power users are keen photographers, whether professionals or enthusiastic amateurs.

By Eliane HONG