Nowadays, global warming is everyone’s matter. Hundreds of efficient web sites – such as - are dedicated to inform populations that “Global warming isn’t just a fact. It’s a choice,” and to help every

one save energy.

Living in the State of California, you have certainly paid attention to the popular Flex Your Power campaigns that have been running since 2001, teaching state residents about the benefits of energy efficiency, whether environmental, financial or economic.

Flex Your Power - describing itself as a “partnership of California's utilities, residents, businesses, institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations working to save energy” – also encourages “California businesses and organizations to meet a 20 percent reduction as detailed in Governor Schwarzenegger's Executive Order S-20-04 (Green Building Initiative ).” It is taken very seriously and has received national and international recognition, including an ENERGY STAR Award for excellence.

Flex your Power takes action throughout its web site

Flex Your Power’s comprehensive web site is your resource for energy efficiency and conservation information. With its e-mail newsletter and blog, podcasts , and educational materials online, you receive help to understand and take action toward a better future. If you have not done so yet, you can also choose your legacy now and write a virtual legacy to your children. hosts several Flex your Power TV ads , and you are greatly encouraged to watch the one below.

The web site hosts other features that you are welcome to discover at your own pace, such as the Flex Alert Network , the Real Time Energy Graphs , and you can also receive Energy Conservation Tips for free.

Promoting energy efficiency on the Internet

Flex Your Power is not the only web site promoting energy efficiency on the Internet. You can find an incredible amount of web sites dedicated to biomass, hydrogen, solar energy, hydropower, and geothermal technologies. Begin your trip with the US Department of Energy and the Green California web site . If you are interested in real-time snapshots and metrics on the current Californian energy demand, peak demand, forecast peak demand, and more, visit California ISO . Also, because water saving is as important as electricity saving, takes you for a tour and helps you make efficient actions toward water saving opportunities in each area of your home.

Should you feel concerned about global warming and green solutions – and I hope you are - you are welcome to let us know what green and/or bio topics you would be interested in finding on Atelier’s web site.

Be green! If not yet.

By Mathieu Ramage