Zivity.com, a San Francisco-based start up, is revolutionizing the way social networking companies are profiting. Interview with co-founder Cyan Banister.   By paying a monthly $10 fee, users are opened to an adult networking site

with professional photography, amateur and professional models, and some nudity.   Members are given five votes to cast for the models and photographs they like best, and with each vote the models and photographers split royalties. And, there is no limit to how many votes someone can receive.   Therefore, there is no limit to how much money a model or photographer can make as long as their work remains popular. Interview with Zivity's co-founder Cyan Banister   Unlike broader social networking sites, such as Myspace and Facebook, Zivity is capitalizing on the popularity of sharing photos online and giving royalties to the content producers. It is the company’s way of celebrating female beauty while giving back to those who drive in the traffic.   The subscription model for the site also frees it from the pressures of advertising. By charging members a fee, Zivity has total control over its Web site content; whereas Myspace and Facebook do not.   Zivity is not scheduled to go live until 2009, but it has already accrued $8 million in the first and second rounds of investments.   In the Beta stage, Zivity has a waiting list of over 25,000 people. Members join by invite only.   Co-Founders Jeffery Wescott, Scott Bannister and Cyan Bannister see the incremental growth as a way to enable them to shape the company as it grows instead of dealing with the problems that arise from growing too quickly.   Zivity.com is already popular and will become profitable after its first 100,000 users.   By Danny Scuderi