Today, Antenna software announced that the industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation had launched an iPad app based on their platform to empower their sales representatives with multimedia and interactive sales tools.


The innovative app named PowerSource will be distributed exclusively to Eaton’s 400 sales representatives. The app, which features a tablet oriented uncluttered user interface contains comprehensive information about more than 200 000 hydraulic products of Eaton Corporation’s catalogue. It allows sales representatives to quickly search products and specifications and to display 3D models, thus providing their customers with an improved user experience.

A dematerialized approach to boost efficiency in distribution channels

Switching from traditional paper catalogues to a digital one, is a huge leap forward for Eaton Corporation: by dematerializing its paper catalogues, the company is transforming its selling process from top to bottom. There are multiple benefits to such an initiative. First on the operational side, the PowerSource app will enable the company’s representatives to access their tools from anywhere and at any time, by transporting a simple iPad instead of heavy paper catalogues. The app allows sales representatives to give interactive and glossy presentations of Eaton’s products. The content of the app is also centrally managed and updated weekly, so sale representatives all have access to synchronized and updated information. Dematerialization really goes beyond paper suppression. As the iPad app taps on the company’s stock database, it allows representatives to provide their customers with delivery lead-time and prices in real time.  The ROI for such an initiative is pretty strong in terms of brand and corporate image too, since it brings to customers and partners a cutting edge experience.

After users and the B2C businesses market, the iPad is now conquering the B2B ecosystem

Since its release in 2010, the iPad has become extremely popular among private individuals, with more than 40 million devices sold. Recently, Apple demonstrated that its tablet is also a good solution for B2C businesses, especially for retailers. Several companies chose the iPad to dematerialize their processes at the Point of Sale. For instance, American bank Standard Chartered recently announced its decision of equipping its 1800 branches (in more than 70 countries) with Apple’s tablet, for a better customer service experience. Eaton Corp’s PowerSource is a good example of how companies can also use the iPad for B2B purposes. PowerSource displays images of complex products in 3D, offers smart search features for sales representatives to use. Eaton’s iPad app is actually one of the first to go through Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program (a program for B2B businesses applications) – probably a sign that Apple does consider the B2B businesses market as a big opportunity.

By Fabien Punin