Popular puzzle game Cut the Rope has been up-sized to bigger than lifesize to celebrate its April update.

iPhone Game Update Comes to City Streets on Huge Touchscreens

As our coverage of SXSW showed, interactive media is a powerful tool for engaging the consumer. Chillingo and Monster Media took this lesson to heart when creating a display to celebrate the new update for their hit App Store game, Cut the Rope.

The Cut the Rope 1.3 "Magic Box Update" is being showcased on a whole new level this month at two locations in the US. The colorful puzzle game is being displayed on nine widescreen multitouch displays on a much larger scale than iOS devices are used to seeing it. These displays are set up at the Hollywood and Highland complex on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles and in the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Chillingo is an independent games publisher division of Electronic Arts Inc, and Monster Media is an out-of-home digital advertiser. Together they produced this interactive experience that brings a small-screen game to a huge format.

The stations will be installed for the entire month of April, and could expose millions of people to the game, as well as to the idea of casual gaming. As the H&H complex and the Airport are hubs for visitors from all over the world, the potential impact could be huge. Ironically, those who fall in love with the game will only see it on the much smaller screen of Apple mobile devices.

Chillingo has had a huge impact on the mobile gaming sphere - another of its successful games is Angry Birds, an enormously successful game that is available for several mobile platforms. Other Chillingo titles include Helsing's Fire, Predators, IceAge: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and more.

By Ivory King