At the Cloudforce 2010 conference, consumer relationship management is a big deal. As session reps said, "research shows that 91 percent of CRM business data is incomplete or out of date." Since wrong numbers or other data can be

a source of wasted time and resources, integration with a service that cleans up contact data was a terrific boon to in the form of Jigsaw. The San Mateo-based company was acquired in mid-May after six years as an independent startup with a collection of database accuracy services.

"As an industry leader in Data-as-a-service (DaaS) and the world's largest database of up-to-date, accurate and complete contact and company information. Uniquely leveraging continuously updated content from its B2B membership, Jigsaw provides access to millions of business contacts and company profiles." The DaaS provides crowd-sourced business and account data for sales, marketing and recruiting departments.

For sales, Jigsaw enhances the prospecting process by finding members of an organization that actually influence and make decisions, according to Jigsaw's corporate overview. Lead generation improves with access to seventy percent direct dial phone numbers, email addresses and detailed job titles. Incomplete lead information is appended, and company pipeline is expanded with highly customizable contact searches. Marketing support aims to boost campaigns and clean CRM. Instead of renting lists companies can own their own data, and contacts are kept up-to-date. Jigsaw also can streamline the hiring process for managers and passive candidates by avoiding gatekeepers. Their database claims to find hidden candidates, save time with professional contact information and cross-reference experience with LinkedIn integration.

With its integration into Salesforce, Jigsaw can be setup to scrutinize individual contacts, or to periodically cleanse a complete list of contacts. Since some organizations have unusable contacts, the service can generate new leads by correcting data. According to Salesforce literature, lead quality goes up and sales cycle times go down when using Sales Cloud 2 with Jigsaw.