The Czech start-up has created a system based on using social networks to encourage company employees to assist in the search for candidates to fill open positions at the firm.

Jobote Seeks to Popularise Referral Hiring

Recruitment is an expensive undertaking and can be a risky exercise as well, especially when a company is planning to make an external hiring to fill a post.  Human Resources departments seem to have at last got around to using social networks to publicise what they are doing but new approaches are now appearing. One of these is the solution which Jobote is offering to companies, designed to aid the recruitment process by making a direct appeal to the firm’s existing employees. The basic idea is to use a digital referral system backed by cash bonuses in order to spare the client company the onerous process of traditional recruitment and to forge a partnership that works for all concerned.

Jobote referrals tracking system

The way it works is that in the first instance the client company creates a traditional job advertisement with a full description of the post, which can simply be forwarded by email to company staff. The primary novelty of the Jobote procedure lies in the fact that the job ad is sent direct to employees with the promise of a bonus for making referrals. Any employee who is interested in getting involved can then create a unique Jobote link which can be shared and tracked on his/her preferred social networks. Potential candidates keen to apply for the post just need to follow the link managed by the Jobote platform. Company HR will then follow through on and manage the recruitment process in full knowledge of the origin of the applications coming through the Jobote interface.

Potentially significant savings

Jobote claims that its system can help the client company save up to 70% on traditional recruitment costs by doing away with the need for external recruitment agencies and by automating the referral process.  Jobote backs up this figure by pointing out that internally-recommended candidates are twenty times more likely to be taken on than those applying through other channels, and that they are also far more likely to stay with the firm. Any employee who quits his/her job during the probationary period costs 150% of the salary of a regular employee. And there is another potential advantage: empowering a company manager to build a team by recruiting people whose capabilities s/he already knows is likely to increase his/her motivation and general feeling of well-being in that company.


By Pierre-Marie Mateo