IT jobs are proliferating in some US cities, with demand for specific roles increasing over fifty percent. The increasing roles of computing in business translates to a better job market for several key types of IT.

Faith in the economy is trickling back, and with it come IT jobs that were outsourced to other countries. In the Modis "Re-Employment in 2011" report covered by ReadWriteWeb, IT jobs were compared across cities by wage and required education. While more western states had higher increases in IT jobs, the top seven cities were spread throughout the Midwest and East Coast:

  1. Houston, TX
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Columbus, OH
  4. Detroit, MI
  5. Philadelphia, PA
  6. Edison, NJ
  7. Boston, MA

Employers are realizing that while outsourcing seems to save money, there are tangible benefits to keeping workers local - cost, quality, knowledge, arduousness, management and independence. Cost is a counter-intuitive reason, since external IT may need management and quality is often decreased "as external employees were less invested in their employers." Local IT also does not have to translate through cultural barriers, and some specific functions do not outsource well. Data security can be managed better internally, and when problems do occur, the company has access to all records within company networks - sometimes external IT can withhold fix records to encourage continued business.

Different IT jobs are increasing at different rates - the report points out ten roles that are performing well. Systems Analyst jobs are projected to grow 53.4 percent, with a median of $71K. SA is doing well across sectors with the expanding use of computers, and PC problems need dedicated positions more often.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) may increase 31.4 percent, and draws a $104K median wage. These individuals integrate company information across business operations.

Other key roles that are expected to see significant increase are:

  • Systems Administrators - 30.4% - $90K median wage
  • Network Administrators - 23% - $66K median wage
  • Web Developer - 22.1% - $50.5K
  • Database Administrator - 20.3% - $69.7K
  • QA Engineer - 19.1% - $72K
  • Technical Writer - 18.2% - $61.6K
  • Content Management - 16.9% - $112.2K
  • Help Desk (tech and customer support) - 13.8% - $43.5K
  • Middleware support - 13.1% - $75.1K
By Ivory King