Finding files is easy on a single desktop, but cloud users suffer from too many places to look. Found for Mac OS can track documents and more across the many places we work from.

Found lets users search for their files across the cloud


Cloud services have become commonplace, where a consumer or business can store various documents and other media on Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, and many other places. However, efficient ways to organize and find these files that are stored in various remote locations have not quite caught up with this practice. Employees now use various platforms to store they documents on, and it can be hard to stay organized. One entry has emerged for Mac Users, a recently launched service called Found. This app allows users to search for their documents across their different cloud services and their desktop.

Finding files on unlimited cloud accounts

Users can add to the Found app personal, multiple Gmail and Google Docs accounts, as well as work-associated Google Apps accounts so it can eliminate many cross-account sync issues that slow down work processes. The app indexes these services as well as parts of the computer where files usually go. This adds to Found’s speed, as does the interface. The app launches easily from a menu bar icon, a dialog box appearing from the left side of the screen that asks, “What are you looking for?”

Keeping a smooth workflow across multiple platforms

Many cloud services approach their users as a one-service-fits-all product. But in reality, many have files spread out across different places since they address different needs at different times. It’s easier to continue working within Google Docs if someone shares a Doc that way, or on the desktop if the file is received on a home computer’s email client. The working process is organic, but an organizational system has not yet been defined for this type of cross-platform, cross-cloud workflow. Found is the newest solution to just such a problem.

By Ivory King