Lock8 the startup has developed a new lock connected to a mobile application in order to better protect, locate , share and remotely manage a bike.  

Lock8 presents an anti-theft device which revolutionizes the safety of bikes

More and more people use bicycles in cities. This conveyance became coveted , however bike theft is still a major problem for users. Traditional locks can no longer deter thieves and there was so far no system available to retrieve a stolen bike. Lock8 offers a solution to this problem by creating the first intelligent bike lock. This device , connected to a smartphone can protect his bike against theft, to remotely monitor , locate it and share it . The user no longer has to keep a key he could lose as manages all thanks to its smart phone. It can lock and unlock his bike distance which allows him to lend his bike to a friend where even to rent. The company has launched a campaign last month on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects and raised more than $ 80,000 in a few days , surpassing their goal. She also won the TechCrunch Europe Disturb 2013, one of the most anticipated event in the field of technology. If investors have warmly welcomed this startup is that they see a bright future in Lock8 , responding to a real consumer need and surfing on the emerging market for P2P exchange.

An intelligent anti-theft device with improved safety

Lock8 offers antitheft fixed on the bike and Smartphone connected to the user via an application. It allows the user to monitor , locate , protect himself against theft, share and manage his bike ( lock, unlock )  via the immobilizer remote . This device contains six sensors to determine if a robbery is in progress: if it detects the temperature on the cable lock change , if the cable was cut , and if there are vibrations and movements . Each of these events triggers a 120 decibel to scare the thief. Simultaneously, the owner is notified via push notification and can track the movement of the bike with a tracking system. Unlike traditional locks, it does not claim to be in possession of a key to use the bike. Thanks to the application, the owner can unlock and lock the lock remotely, and share an electronic key ( E- Key) to lend or rent the bike. Lock8 can now be ordered, but the first deliveries will be available in June 2014 . The sale price is 199 dollars  (with a promotional rate of $ 145 for the launch campaign ) and the monthly fee for the application amounted to about $ 2 per month.

A great opportunity for the sharing function

The startup aims at distributing its products in many cities , both individuals and professionals . It intends to offer its product line with municipalities, hotels, rental companies Lock8 bike ... could be widely adopted by rental agencies bikes to keep track of their fleet, have better control and prevent theft. Creating a platform for sharing , Lock8 can easily connect bike sharing programs in cities, without costly infrastructure such as docking stations (eg Vélib ' , Vélov ') . According to Christopher F. Mayor , entrepreneur and Business Angel, Lock8 has a huge potential , corresponding to a market of several million individuals, business entities and cities. Indeed , it provides a scalable solution for sharing cycling in cities , which did not exist until now. This sharing solution seems to be the most fruitful opportunity offered by Lock8. It is also part of the growing phenomenon of collaborative consumption and " peer to peer" (exchanges between individuals) . 
By Manon Garnier