This app enables your smartphone to adapt automatically to what’s happening, such as the start of a meeting, end of the working day or a low battery.

Making the Smartphone Smarter: AutomateIt Enables Your Phone to Manage Itself

At a time when smartphone applications are burgeoning and the services these mobile devices can render are on the increase, the chances of forgetting to de-activate certain functions at the right time, or of using up the battery, are also increasing. Among the various ways of remedying this, adding functionality to make your phone more autonomous is an avenue that has been explored by SmarterApps, with their AutomateItapplication. AutomateIt, an Android app costing €1.20 for the professional version, allows you to programme a series of actions which are triggered according to the criteria you set. The system enables you, for instance, to de-activate your phone automatically when you’re heading into a meeting, to put your phone on standby from a set time and to re-activate it in the morning, and also to de-activate some applications so as to conserve power when the battery is getting low.

Triggers and actions

The software tool, which accesses the data on your smartphone, works by applying a series of actions to certain action triggers. As the user, you configure the rules yourself by combining these two sets of parameters according to your needs. AutomateIt enables you to establish a range of triggers and programme a set of corresponding actions. First, you select a trigger you wish to use. This might be the amount of charge left in the phone’s battery, a message received, an alert to tell you of an upcoming event and so on. You then need to attribute an action to each trigger, such as de-activating the phone, sending an SMS, etc, and you need to set a timeframe.

Moving to collaborative mode

The final step is to draft the rule, explaining it in a few words, and give it a title. The rule will be registered and activated and can also be shared with other users. In the medium term the application could thus serve as an open source support platform, on which anyone can create ‘rules’ to share with others. In theory, AutomateIt could also launch an application on a smartphone via a programmed action.