Big data and gamification combine to power Outside, a new app from startup 100Plus. Outside analyzes lifestyle, performs predictions and encourages fun preventive care for consumers.

mhealth: preventive care apps intend for a more independent consumer


First in the public eye at SXSW 2012 for an app that shows users the impact of their drinking, the health startup 100Plus will soon launch a far more expansive game-based app. That first app, 100Proof, takes in user data about how many drinks they had, crunches that data with national and festival averages, and tells the user how many hours they took off their lifespan, and some exercise ideas to mitigate the damage. The next project called Outside will also be powered by health databases to predict lifespan and likely disease onset, while offering users the means to improve their lot and using game mechanics to encourage them to change their behavior.

Addictive gameplay could reinforce good behaviors towards change

This quantified self app is consumer-centric, aiming to empower users while being addictive enough to keep them healthy for the long term. Over the past year, this first quiet trend has become a defining force in healthcare-related services and is spreading to other areas. Self knowledge through numbers informs these apps, and with 100Plus, it shows users their past, present and potential future by comparing their lifestyle habits and choices with “public datasets from the CDC and as well as 24 million de-identified records from Practice Fusion (a web-based electronic health record service) to predict users’ health,” as the Fast Company reported.

Independent preventative care to disrupt the healthcare industry?

The app is called Outside, and it gives people opportunities to show off their strengths, do quests and get outside. Since Outside wants to improve behaviors and motivate people to change themselves, it takes much of the bulk of health responsibility from doctors and medicine and puts it into prevention - better food, exercise and quality of life. Whether or not the new 100Plus app is accepted by the masses, this type of presence will only increase. As for its effect on the healthcare industry, it is certain to lower costs for consumers, employers and healthcare providers. Sustainable health through this new system may even influence health practitioners to incorporate these apps or similar game mechanics into their own preventative advice for patients.

By Ivory King