Generating mobile commerce sales is still not very high on the list of objectives for companies running advertising campaigns on mobile platforms, and advertisers generally still view the media in a fairly traditional manner, suggests a new study.

Mobile Ad Campaigns: Brand Awareness, not M-Commerce, the Key Aim

Is mobile commerce today a priority for brands’ advertising campaigns? It would appear not, according to the latest report by Millennial Media, a firm which provides mobile advertising technology and solutions and works with brands on audience targeting for their ad campaigns. The study reveals that campaigns on the Millennial Media platform generally focus more on providing the customer with information or assistance. In spite of the recent explosion in the number of smartphones in use, it was not mobile purchase options but application download offers and pointers to useful websites that formed the bedrock of ad campaigns on this platform during 2012.

Focus on basic info and brand awareness

The Millennial Media study reveals that just 16% of companies across all sectors advertising on its platform integrated m-commerce experiences into their mobile campaigns, while 37% of the advertisers offered downloadable apps as a post-click option. Some 21% also integrated store locators and maps into the campaign action mix. However the low emphasis on generating mobile sales was largely the consequence of the fact that relatively few of these advertising campaigns were centred on a specific product launch or promotion. Respondents to the survey indicated that their campaigns were predominantly focused on generating sustained market presence (39%), while boosting overall brand awareness was the stated aim for 14% of the advertisers.

Traffic increasing

This approach appears to have met with success. The study reveals that last year traffic on the Millennial Media website was up 13% year-on-year, thus bringing the brands using the platform to the notice of more consumers. The study also lists the top ten target audiences for mobile campaigns on this network during 2012. In first place were IT decision-makers, followed by ‘gadget geeks’ and people who undertake business trips, with and impulse buyers also high on the list.

By Guillaume Parodi