The Glooko app and hardware lets patients import the data collected with their glucose meter and store it into their smartphone. They can also share this data with caregivers in just a click.

Mobile app Glooko helps patients and physicians monitor diabetes

Medical mobile tools can have a profound impact on individuals who have conditions that require regular monitoring. Diabetes requires this sort of attention, and benefits from as much information as possible about patients’ lifestyle and habits. Following the Quantified Self trend, Glooko developed a solution that leverages mobility to make patients’ life easier by helping them collect data relative to their health and lifestyle. On top of making the life of many patients more agreeable, Glooko also improves the sharing of this data between patients and doctors.

Quantified Self tools for glucose levels and insulin parameters

Glooko is composed of a mobile app, and a cable. The cable – compatible with dozens of glucose meters that are available on the market – lets users transfer the data collected by the glucose meter, to their smartphone. Now available on iPhone and soon Android, the Glooko app is free and the Glooko MeterSync cable can be purchased from for about $40, though some meters may need an additional infrared adaptor that adds another $15 to the total.The mobile app then compiles and organizes this data into a logbook, with the patient’s glucose levels, as well as additional user-input about what they eat, how they are feeling, carbs and insulin levels.

Analytics and reports for patients and physicians

Glooko’s product also makes it easier for doctors to provide quality care to patients. At any given time, the user can share all her data with her caregiver, before an appointment for instance. Further more, the application turns the raw data sets into precise analytics and easy to read graphics. Patients and doctors alike can thus see the evolution curb of their glucose levels in one day, or their average glucose levels at different times of the day or of the week, the affect of various parameters and the evolution the general health state of the patient over time.