American real estate leader develops a mobile app for its brokers to use on site while with clients. The app helps them provide a more professional and relevant experience to their clients.


Cushman & Wakefield has just teamed up with AT&T to unveil CWmobile, a B to B mobile application that allows real estate brokers to have direct access to information about inside the surrounding buildings while on site with clients.

Géolocalisation and real time data for a practical mobile app

CWmobile uses a location-based system that allows brokers to immediately identify all specificities in a location if the client expresses interest in the area or asks a question about a building. Thanks to the app, brokers can also check a particular floor in an identified building, book an appointment in a specific place and obtain contact information. Moreover brokers can make a research through multiple criteria such as lease/sale, price, and location in order to personalize options for their clients. All those features were meant to empower brokers while with clients – and out of the office – with an more intuitive and frictionless tool.

Mobility empowers brokers while on site with client

According to Jim Underhill, CEO of the Americas for Cushman & Wakefield, the real estate giant developed this app “to create a next-generation real estate experience for both our clients and professionals. (..) By giving our professionals the critical information and resources they need right at their fingertips, we're better equipped to deliver an exceptional, customized experience for our clients in the field." Indeed, mobility and real time access to freshly updated information constitute a tool that allows better productivity, relevance and professionalism for brokers. Interestingly, Cushman & Wakefield releases this app just a few days after the launch of Google Maps 6.0 that allows Android users to navigate inside of mapped locations such as malls, buildings and airports. As most real-estate related apps target end users, Cushman & Wakefield is using mobility and location based technologies for B to B purposes – a trend that will certainly expand to other traditional industries and sectors. 

By Delphine Prediger