Kwarter is a “second screen” application for sports fans. It augments the experience of watching live sporting events on TV in multiple ways. Sports fans are no longer passive spectators but active gamers.

Mobile apps can turn distracted TV viewers into active gamers

A recent Nielsen study found that in the United States, more than 75% of TV viewers use a second device while watching TV – personal computers, tablets or smartphones. However, only 25% of their uses are related to the TV content. In other words as viewers increasingly multitask, they are also more likely to be distracted from the program they are watching on TV. While those “second screens” can be seen as a source of distraction threatening TV networks and content producers, some networks and entrepreneurs are choosing to leverage connected mobile devices to bring back viewers’ attention to the TV program they’re watching. Kwarter is a second-screen application that was launched in October 2011. It lets users play along with other sports fans while watching live sporting events on TV. This sports social network offers an augmented live sport experience for users on American mainstream sports – hockey, basketball, baseball and football.

Never be alone anymore while watching sports

Sporting events already trigger a lot of conversation across the different social media platforms: during last week-end’s SuperBowl, users tweeted 12000 tweets per second about the game. Kwarter wants to bring fans even closer together. While watching live sports on TV, Kwarter users can ‘check in’ in the game they’re watching and connect with their friends and others fans through their iOS devices. Fans can then share comments, give insights, upload photos and chat with other participants when the game is on. “Instead of just pushing information such as Twitter feeds and other outside content, Kwarter is a crowdsourced platform, a social game where fans interact with one another” says Kwarter founder and CEO Carlos Diaz.

Gaming on the second screen augments the traditional TV experience

With Kwarter, viewers become gamers and get rewarded for their virtual participation by prizes in the real-world. Every time something special happens during a game (touchdown, injury, safety, etc.), users can win medals or trophies by playing along with other fans. Users thereby accumulate points and get rewarded with special discounts, goodies, coupons or gifts. For instance, Kwarter recently cut a deal with Domino’s Pizza – active gamers can get pizza delivered to their house in real time. By adding gamification to traditional TV watching, Kwarter wants to leverage mobile devices to bring back viewers’ attention to the program they’re watching on the first screen – namely, the television screen - and offer an augmented experience to TV viewers. While some TV networks are developing their own second screen applications specifically tailored to their content, Kwarter-like apps can be alternative ready-to-use solutions.