With an increasing number of screens now in use, Internet users in France and Germany show slightly different online behaviour.

Mobile-Only versus Multi-Screen: France v Germany

French and German Internet users together number over 100 million people and many of them were in front of their screen(s) for the Germany v France football match at the World Cup in July. US Internet analytics company comScore decided to ‘replay’ the match, this time from a digital point of view. Using their audience measurement tools, the comScore analysts set out to glean whether and how people in these two countries differ in their use of digital channels and devices.

The first finding was that Germans spend rather more time on more screens, while more French people tend to spend their online time on a single screen. Some 59% of Internet users east of the Rhine use a range of screens, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. Meanwhile one noteworthy observation is that in both countries women Internet users are significantly more multi-screen-oriented than the men. Some 62% of German women aged 15 to 24 use more than one screen, compared with 57% men; while in France the multi-screen figure for women is 57%, and just 49% for men.

When it comes to specifically mobile browsing, the figures confirm some differences in behaviour between the two countries as regards the devices used, or to be more exact as regards the number of devices used. France is out in front in mobile-only net surfing.  The figure is actually very low, at just 6% of all Internet users, but it is still three times the German figure of 2%.

Whether or not due to the fact that they tend to use a wider range of devices, Germans spend rather more time on the web overall – on average over thirty hours a month per user, which is two hours more per month than the French. However at the end of the day these differences are fairly small and the general trend that seems to be emerging in both countries is towards decreasing use of PCs alone to go online and greater recourse to other connected devices.

By Guillaume Scifo