Customers love writing reviews and rating businesses online, but it’s often difficult for businesses to leverage this feedback efficiently to improve everyday customer service. With its new features for business, mobile app Tello bridges the gap between companies and customers.

Mobile rating apps help businesses manage customer service


The Web 2.0 gave customers the opportunity to review, rate or comment any business or product online – Yelp being the most significant example of this trend. People leave comments about everything, from restaurants to real estate agencies. With new rating apps and services flourishing everyday, business owners have a great opportunity to get customer feedback on their service, their product and even their employees. However, going through all the online reviews websites to get a feel of what customers say about a business is complicated, time-consuming and doesn’t really allow to engage the conversation with users who write reviews. Tello – a one-year mobile app that lets customers rate the quality of a place’s service – wants to turn online customer reviews into useful data and information they can use to actually improve the quality of their service. Tello just released a new feature allowing business respond to the reviews and get relevant information about their customers services.

Tello allows users to rate overall service and employees

Tello is a niche rating app that focuses on the quality of the service you get when going to the restaurant, to the movies, or simply when shopping. It allows customers to rate employees at any business they go to, and read other users’ reviews. Tello users just thumb-up or thumb-down employees, avoiding the classical stars rating system often vague and imprecise, which gives businesses either a “positively” or a “negatively” rated service instead of grades. Users can also let reviews and ask businesses for a response. In other words, a business owner can use Tello not only to know what people say about the overall quality of the service, but also identify who among their employees contributes to the quality of the service and in what way.

Business owners can track reviews and answer in real-time

Tello recently released a set of tools that allow businesses to get relevant data about customer ratings and to respond to each user in real time. This new Tello for Business sends business owners instant notifications when customers rate their employees, and track what customers say in real-time. Then, through a messaging tool within the app, they can reach out to a disgruntled customer to “ask for another chance” – explain a misunderstanding, offer a discount… Tello for Business also provides companies with detailed dashboards with a live ratings feed that displays customized views of customer feedback, business metrics and employee ratings. “Tello for Business gives companies both big and small a scalable platform to monitor customer feedback and resolve service issues that can have a direct effect on sales” claims CEO, Teo Joe Beninato.