While most brands have been focusing on developing their own online store, to provide their customers with a homogeneous experience in-store and online, multi-brand shopping apps are another way to reach potential customers - especially women.

Multi-brand shopping apps more relevant for women?

Flit, a new shopping app oriented at women, helps women search across thousands of brands and share finds with friends. It aims to broaden the mobile browsing experience with a range of shops, save and compare items, and shop with friends within a personalized experience. According to Keylee Sanders, Style Expert and Style Advisor to Flit, women have very different shopping needs than men do. “'Women's purchasing is simply more complex due to the sheer range of women's styles and trends, body types, lifestyles, and the need for a closely coordinated workable wardrobe. For that women must shop a wider range of stores and items.” 

Allowing users to "flit" between multiple brands …

Flit creates an experience similar to what customers would experience when going to Macy’s for instance - it connects to multiple platforms with a simple interface. To recreate the natural tendency of shoppers to “flit” from one store to another, a search for a handbag, for example, will bring up items from many brands, websites or even networks like Pinterest. The app also broadens its content with private sales, fashion blogs, and discovery sites like Gilt, and users can favorite shops and get alerts on new or sale items.

…And share their experience with friends

According to Flit, the real-life shopping experience for women always implies shopping with friends, sharing items and asking each other’s opinion. To recreate a similar sense of social shopping, Flit created the “Cute” button for users to compare items later, creating a list can then be shared with shopping friends who can select which one they prefer via Facebook, Pinterest, or email. While other apps may offer multi-brand support and in-app purchasing, Flit tech emphasizes user experience with tab-free browsing that still offers multiple viewing options. While many iPad apps are choosing a catalog-influenced interface, Flit chooses instead a more gallery approach.