Google is providing the software technology that will allow quicker and easier e-mail search and sort capabilities for MySpace users.   Popular social networking site MySpace announced on Wednesday, May 28, that it has embedded Ge

ars to fix some of the limitations of the current browser technology and enable computer tasks to run more smoothly.   Using Gears, MySpace members will be able to store e-mail data on a local computer resulting in improved filtering of messages by specific terms including name, subject, content, date, etc. When MySpace users go to their mailbox, they'll be invited to install Gears, said Allen Hurff, MySpace's senior vice president of engineering, on Wednesday at the Google I/O conference. "It's available to everyone today," Hurff said. However, not all MySpace users have received the invitation. Logging into my account Thursday yielded no request to install Gears. So far, MySpace is the largest independent developer to embrace Gears. The announcement comes a year after Gears debuted a year ago as Google Gears at Google’s Developer Conference. The open source plug-in is part of Google’s broader vision to evolve the Web browser into a complete platform for software development that offers similar if not the same usability as computer-based desktop programs.   "Our goal here is to broadly make the Web work better," Google vice president of product management Sundar Pichai told Reuters.   In addition to MySpace, the latest version of WordPress includes Gears with its blogging offerings so users can manage their blogs offline. Furthermore, Google is currently adding Firefox 3 and Safari support, while Opera is working to support Gears on both desktop and mobile.   A mobile version of Gears was introduced last March, which works to diminish the loss of a cell signal while a mobile application is in use.   By Kathleen Clark   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at