Netcipia Place owners can now make money with the new “Online Expertise Monetization Platform” Palo Alto-based Netcipia, a company that specializes in “participative web technologies and content monetization,” has impro

ved their monetization program to allow users to charge for the valuable online content they are providing to Internet users worldwide.

The OEMP platform features innovative wiki-type functionalities that, according to Netcipia, rank the company amongst the 10 top wiki platforms worldwide. The improved monetization feature enables Place owners to charge users for the valuable online content they providewithin their Place (or mini-site) by offering visitors:

Weekly, monthly or yearly subscriptions giving access to the entire Netcipia Place.
Fee-based access to specific pages within the Place.
Time-limited access to the Place.

In return, Netcipia collects a minimal fee based on a percentage of each transaction.

In the past, advertisement was the only way that Place owners could earn extra income from their content. Now, the new system enables users to harness the power of Web 2.0 to not only build, expand and manage their participative communities but also charge for their know-how.

Overall, Netcipia is presenting customers an option to create a platform and build their community, and offer their content on a global level. Once a place has established visitors, extra income can be generated with the new platform.

The free version of Netcipia includes the following features: an unlimited number of places, users and pages, 2GB of storage, WYSIWYG editing, 10MB attachments, pictures, search, admin rights, wiki syntax and email support. $149 a month will ensure a dedicated server, 150GB of storage, 100MB attachments, a domain name, and SSL (for an extra charge), among other things.

Netcipia was founded in 2006 by Bruno de Beauregard and Miguel Membrado (formerly of Mayetic) and is a free wiki and blog platform. It offers free public and private participative places to create communities and monetize online expert content to Internet users worldwide.

Kathleen Clark
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