United States online service FindLocalTruckDrivingJob.com offers a direct comparison of job offers for truck drivers, by pay and geography. This is a practice that could well be extended to other professions.

Online comparison sites are not necessarily limited in their scope to consumer products. FindLocalTruckDrivingJob.com provides American truck drivers with the best-paid job offers from among those posted on several sites. By signing up for an account, a trucker can review the offers of a wide variety of companies in real time, in terms of pay per mile, and/or geography, as the service can limit the search area to a specific State. This is a process which very much resembles systems already used by Internet shopping site aggregators.

Useful for finding jobs where it’s vital to be local

Corinne Zerbib, founder and head of the Jobetic website, thinks this kind of service could become very popular. "A similar approach could be very useful for jobs that are time-based, and where you really need to be local - personal services, for example," she explains, adding that "people often say they regret the fact that job ads are not more localised". She sees this idea as less relevant, however, for management posts, where skills and knowledge override geography.

Take-up slowed by French taboo on talking pay

In France, however it does seem that being able to compare wages directly on a website is still some way off. "It’s basically a cultural issue. Unlike their Anglo-Saxon counterparts, French management are reluctant to talk money upfront, either because they feel that could create tension at the company or as a deliberate strategic ploy. Nevertheless, job-seekers are now calling for greater openness," continues Corinne Zerbib. Companies are understandably unwilling to yield their advantage and let the candidate get the upper hand on salary but, in spite of the current crisis, this attitude does not necessarily apply to all sectors, particularly not those such as IT firms, which are still recruiting on a large scale.