Small businesses often see reaching their fundraising goal as the biggest hurdle to success. But after they reach that goal, they may need infrastructure to sell to the public and receive scaling advice - which is what CrowdHut provides.

An online marketplace for crowdfunded projects only

Once a small business has successfully funded their project on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub or Fundable, they might find themselves less equipped for what comes afterward. One difficulty new companies may face is finding an e-commerce channel specifically optimized to sell products that have been crowdfunded. CrowdHut was founded in May of this year to offer a centralized place where people could find the products that may have received much publicity during their funding campaign, but are not available to buy. As Co-Founder David Borish tells l’Atelier, the New York-based startup “would be the next step to either assist the campaign with getting their product to market through our experts, [or] in helping them grow their business.”

A place to sell any crowdfunded product or service to the online public

Despite the explosive growth of crowdfunding sites and the projects that populate them, Borish and partner Philip Reicherz “were surprised by the amount of products that were funded but had not yet reached the market.” So they formed a site that any merchant can use if they developed their brand, product or service through crowdfunding or crowdsourcing. Items that are not in production yet can be listed as “Pre-sale,” or can be listed as gift certificates if the vendor not able to support online purchasing. Products are organized by category - “Art & Design,” “Fashion,” “Games,” etc. and CrowdHut lists the items, tags them for SEO and markets them. Similar to other small vendor hub commerce sites like eBay or Etsy, the merchants do their own shipping.

Merchant support includes marketing and wholesale options

CrowdHut gives customers a minimal interface - wishlist, social sharing buttons, etc, but saves most of the features for the businesses that sell within the site - it offers merchant support through advisory support with DRTV marketing, mass market retail distribution. Wholesale purchase agreements are available for best-selling products and services, which are non-compulsory but merchants then do not have to handle product fulfillment. CrowdHut is expanding support to non-profit crowdfunded ventures, and they also plan to expand their service overseas by mid 2013.

By Ivory King