Professional network BoardProspects connects companies with those who want to serve on a board of directors outside of their corporate network. In addition to talent profiles, members get access to news and educational resources.

An online platform to improve advisory board recruitment


Social networks have already greatly influenced the hiring process, with a majority of companies utilizing LinkedIn and other networks to connect and discover more about a prospective employee. But, as BoardProspects Founder and CEO Mark Rogers tells l’Atelier, “there is nothing out there for people who want to get on boards; no online tools or go-to place if you want to be on a board.” And nothing either for companies and boards to easily find new board members and ensure a diversity of skillsets, backgrounds and perspectives. Most of the recruiting right now usually happens during what Rogers refers to as the “annual who-do-you-know conversation around the boardroom table.” But “I was fascinated about how inefficient it was,” Rogers adds. Boston-based BoardProspects is an online network to connect company boards and individuals who are seeking to serve on a board.

Fostering talent-based hiring over plutocratic choices

Non-profit, private and public companies can build their profile on BoardProspects and notify the community that they have an open position, while someone who has served or is serving on a corporate board can find work while providing their expertise to an organization. BoardProspects wants to build a database of qualified candidates - or Prospects - to join boards.In addition to connecting companies and prospects, the site provides news and best practice advice in feeds that help people stay current and competitive. These resources can also be of help to boards, but the main benefit for companies is a direct line to profiles of candidates that they can peruse before contacting. “I wanted to turn boardroom recruitment into a 2 way conversation” Rogers says, and “increase the traffic of boardroom candidate pools.”

A positive impact on boards and companies

“Boardroom composition is hard,” says Rogers. You “need to get together the right people for the right reasons, which has a real positive influence on corporate on governance.” By creating an open environment, BoardProspects wants to help boards and companies access a wider diversity of talents and adapt to a changing world. Today, boards are starting to look for new types of expertise such as technology and project management. Rogers also witnesses a “globalization of the boardroom.” If a company wants to penetrate a foreign market, they need to find a local board member to help them out. For this reason, being able to choose from an international pool of board prospects can be highly strategic for companies with international aspirations. “If you can bring this online, and through social media, it gets way easier!”