Although people are on the whole increasingly using tablets and other mobile devices, the PC is still in contention in the UK and has even seen a slight uptick in use recently.

PC Regains Ground on Mobile Devices in UK

Digital trends for the month of October 2013 in the United Kingdom continued more or less the same as in the preceding months, with the digital population increasing by 1% to reach 47.8 million users, reveals the latest study carried out by marketing research institute comScore in collaboration with the UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM). However while tablets and other mobile devices now boast over 33.8 million users in the British Isles, PCs posted growth of 0.3 % for the month, to reach 44.7 million users. This hike is by no means negligible, given that so many studies have been predicting that this hallowed item of digital equipment would very soon be replaced by its mobile rivals.

Towards multi-platform use

In the month of October alone, close to 44.7 million UK users surfed the web from a PC, and there were over 34.3 million visits on a daily basis using PCs. This figure is higher than the 33.8 million Brits who surfed the Internet via a mobile browser or by using downloadable apps. However, the comScore-UKOM study also reveals that every month 69% of UK Internet users go online from at least two separate devices (usually PC and smartphone or tablet) and that these people consume 23% more digital content than those who surf only by using their PC.

Specialised sites

The report also points out that ‘PC-intensive’ users in the United Kingdom also use the Internet in a particular way. While other studies have shown the general burgeoning enthusiasm for social media, when it comes to PCs only Facebook among the social networks is represented among the 10 most-used sites, with over 29.7 million daily visits. In fact search specialist Google takes the top spot here with 39.9 million visits. However, the e-commerce sites are not far behind, with Amazon receiving 25.5 million visits per day and eBay 24.1 million.