This new online portal startup tracks investor/stakeholder interests of early-stage company performance. It arranges reports in a simple dashboard format for enhanced visibility.

In the startup ecosystem, entrepreneurs and investors have a symbiotic relationship aided by communication. Making both of their roles easier, PortfolioDashboards provides a venue where information is easily centralized, organized and accessible. Early-stage companies (report creators) sign up and submit data via streamlined interface with reminders and a report wizard, while investors, boardmembers and advisors (report recipients) access this data in a standardized and aggregated form on a customizable dashboard.

Transparent process and full data control for report creators

Creators have full control over their data - who accesses the reports, as well as who in that list can see what. Data is backed up and kept confidential, and can be made and edited by the company administrator, as well as colleagues by setting user permissions. While the dashboard is customizable, Recipients are able to compare their various portfolio companies since many fields are standard, such as monthly and trended sales, cash burn rate, sales funnel, or product development. Other fields are custom, and Recipients can request specific data from Creators, which will not be aggregated with other companies.

Great communication builds trust, encourages future investments

PortfolioDashboards wants to make this system streamlined and efficient. For angel investors, venture investors, board members, stockholders, and other stakeholders, this means regular performance reports, easily read and quickly analyzed. Recipients get quick communication with the portfolio company management team, enhanced visibility of their operations and a comprehensive view of entire portfolio performance. For startups, a report-creation wizard helps Creators report meaningful data back to investors via easy, formatted report submitting. Through the process, the Creator builds trust with Recipients as a manager thanks transparency and optimally formatted information. Not only is PortfolioDashboards useful for the startup-investor interaction, this site shows new applications for enterprise platforms and information aggregators.

By Ivory King