Productify, an app developed by OCULUSai, enables you to take a photograph of an object that arouses your interest and then identifies the item, provides information on it and displays sites where you can buy it. It can also provide information on similar items.

Productify Transforms Every Object into an Ad

Although the idea of linked ‘mobile shopping walls’, which enable fast purchase of items via a mobile device – is now starting to take off, this innovative approach will affect only a limited number of items. In order to widen the range of goods on offer, several startups reckon the phone should not only be turned into the main recognition tool for all objects in our everyday lives but should also act as the link to e-commerce sites. Several months L'Atelier highlighted the Polish startup iTraff Technology and its SaveUp application. This app enables the user to photograph an item such as a book, a CD, or a video game and to be immediately directed to the platform where s/he can buy it. Now Swedish startup OCULUSai, which showcased its work at the LeWeb conference in Paris on 4-6 December, is offering the same type of application for the apparel and fashion sector.

Object recognition technology

OCULUSai’s app Productify is based on large scale image scanning technology and object recognition technology. It enables you to snap a photo of a fashion item, such as a pair of shoes, a handbag or a watch, with your mobile and then provides a mass of information on the item in question. For example, it displays the price, the website where you can buy it, and even other items which are quite similar. The application also gives you the option of arranging all the information in specific lists, recommending the product to a friend, and sharing the product information via the Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

A recognition system suited to the app

The application is based on technologies which are already in existence, such as image detection and classification, large scale image retrieval and logotype and object recognition for the digital industry and for e-commerce. This portfolio of various computer vision technologies combines to identify a single item from a huge database. The OCULUSai team that developed Productify have catalogued a long list of products together with their visual characteristics, drawn from e-commerce sites, on a platform server called Oculus Brain. When a search is launched on Productify, the app analyses all the product characteristics and make a semantic search on the server. The Android app is now out as a Beta version. An iPhone version should be on its way soon.