Consumers have property search options in the Apple App Store, but fewer options are out there for professional real estate agents. Open Home Pro lets agents create listings with images and social sharing options from one app.

Professional real estate app creates full listings for iOS-using agents

Much of the real estate apps that currently exist are consumer-aimed. These services search listings and tracks property searches, but have no usability for creating these entries. These include entries by Zillow, the New York Times, and - all oriented toward providing results for clients or consumers. On the professional side, there are options for agents to build their own apps - RealEstateNow by REcake gives agents a tool that enables them to connect their clients with listings within a branded experience. Open Home Pro however, is a social mobile app that lets professional agents easily create a listing and share it on the go, with a simple iPad.

Creating listings optimized for mobile

Open Home Pro is an iOS solution that lets professional agents take pictures, make listings and share on the web. When a real estate agent visits a place, she can use the iPhone app to take unlimited images, take down details like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as square footage and price. The app populates some data automatically for easier listing, and then sends customized HTML email directly from the device. Agents can also share on Facebook, and can further share the link to a mobile-optimized page that each property gets. The iPad app turns the tablet into an open house CRM tool, taking potential buyer information and sorting them by desirability.

An accessible tool for professionals

Open Home Pro performs more like a platform, in the sense that it is a liaison between the real estate agent industry, potentially, and the listings services that they use. Since the two years that they launched, they have signed up over 23,000 agents. After testing various pricing models, they have currently settled on charging $2.99 for the iPhone app and $11.99 for the iPad app. Creating listings, uploading images and other features are all free after this initial download. This low barrier-to-entry model may prove beneficial to CEO and Founder Andrew Machado’s team. 

By Ivory King