EveryMove records people’s sports activities and other physical movements during the day and converts them into points, which can then be cashed in at partnering retailers, used to claim rewards at the company where they work, or exchanged for health insurance discounts.

How Retailers, Companies and Insurers Can Become Health Coaches

Can retailers contribute to the health and well-being of their customers? Certainly, just as those customers’ employers and insurers can. That’s the business proposition which EveryMove, a Seattle, USA startup that has just emerged from the digital health and healthcare accelerator Rock Health, has come up with. Drawing its inspiration from people’s desire to take greater care of their own health, coupled with the success of the gaming approach, this startup has created a mobile app which converts daily physical activity into points. An EveryMove app user can then use these aggregated points to claim rewards from local retailers who sign up as partners in the programme, offering price reductions on their goods or gift cards.

Integrating a range of apps

EveryMove is also partnering with two other types of players: companies and health insurers. Users will be able to claim substantial rewards from the companies where they work if the employers decide to participate in the scheme, or obtain benefits from health insurers who sign up to the programme. The way the system works is that the gaming platform enables app users to organise their physical activities more precisely, and they can use the EveryMove account to connect via a dozen applications. For example, you might use the Foursquare geolocation app to indicate that you are at a sports hall, or use RunKeeper (“the Personal trainer in your Pocket”) to measure how far you have run during a training session.

Choose your reward upfront

Users can also choose their rewards in advance and so set a target for the number of points they need to earn. And if their friends and family connect up with EveryMove, they can help them attain their targets by posting encouragement via the site. To earn points, the user has to do something physical, whether it’s running, cycling, mowing the lawn, or just walking the dog. The EveryMove platform also provides a means of collecting a great deal of data on its users’ lifestyles, daily rhythms and other health-related habits.