This week reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor, dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews.   OLPC Deployed in Nigeria Story posted on: October 05, 2007 After a few cont

roversial moment in the media (feasible? too expensive? not enough software?), the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) has been fielded. In this instance it’s in Nigeria and while it is a little too early to measure the success of this initiative, it is good to see tech put to good use. Keep in mind that this story comes from the official OLPC blog and although this won’t put an end to ongoing discussions (mainly: “is it the best platform for the job”?), the controversy can probably be put to rest for today. OLPC blog More OLPC stories   Apple Patents a Force Imaging Input and Device System Story posted on: October 05, 2007 Apple wants to go beyond the binary touch that equips most touch screen today by not only detecting “if” the screen was touched, but also which “how much force” they were touched, opening the doors to future potential user interface improvement. It works by having a few extra layers, one of which can bend and tell how much pressure was applied to the surface. Something similar might be used in graphics tablet, but I never destroyed one to verify. If someone knows, please post a comment. Source   Interactive Media Wall Here's a glimpse into the future with the Interactive Media Wall by Perceptive Pixel. It measures 8' x 3' and is actually the electronic version of a canvas. It uses a touch sensitive surface to allow users to navigate, locate, and manipulate information - sounds somewhat like the scenes in the Matrix and the Minority Report. Unfortunately for many, the Interactive Media Wall retails for $100,000 from Nieman Marcus so there's still a long road to go before you actually have the dough to bring one of these babies home. Hopefully Microsoft's Surface technology will be much more affordable for the layman. Source   No Google Phone Despite rumors floating around concerning the Google Phone, word has it that this rumor is unsubstantiated as Google is just concentrating on software that has Windows Mobile in its sights, since the company wants to leverage the cellphone's advertising potential. Google will also aim to stay true to its mantra of doing no evil by not charging phone makers with a licensing fee for the software unlike Microsoft. Guess Windows has ousted Palm's obsolete operating system, will we see the tables turned on Microsoft with this new software from Google? Source   Yahoo Improves its OneSearch mobile search Story posted on: October 05, 2007 Starting today, Yahoo! OneSearch will feature Yahoo Answers and most importantly WikiPedia in the search results. I know a lot of people who search directly on WikiPedia, so having the results directly without having to type the site URL will probably please them (Example: search for “digital signal” and you should see links to WikiPedia). Readers who are from outside the U.S.A can check if their country is one of the 18+ where OneSeach provides local results. That’s not all: Yahoo also added flight status information. For example, if you search for “UAL 90” or “United Airline 90” you should get the flight status of that particular flight. It’s a good idea, most flight status sites are not mobile friendly at all. Try it at (from your desktop or your mobile)   IE7 leaked by Microsoft Japan Story posted on: October 05, 2007 Our friends from gearfuse have alerted us that Microsoft has apparently posted Internet Explorer unintentionally on their website. Users have been able to download and install the application earlier today although the release is scheduled to be in 2008. As soon as Microsoft noticed, they’ve taken the download down and issued an apology. : “get it now” page IE7 page in Japanese   Source   Discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at