May was a lucrative month for vendors on the Internet as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day celebrations spurred penny pinchers to seek better prices online, comScore reported Wednesday. Gas costs have skyrocketed and show few signs of halting their progress, food has grown more expensive and the market remains shaky. So it’s no wonder the Internet is more and more the place customers turn to for better deals.

ComScore released a detailed breakdown of the sorts of Web sites most popular in the May melee as well as of the reasons it cited for such traffic.
The information outlet explained that those showing reverence for moms flooded gift, flower and greeting card sites on May 11, visiting in droves of 42.4 million—15 percent more than those clicking through the same places in April. Those numbers put ‘gift and retail’ in the top selling category of the month.
AmericanGreetings property led the set with 15.7 million visitors, a 5 percent increase from those they had accrued the month before. Hallmark followed on its heels with 5.5 million visitors, a 23 percent rise for the site.
The ragged economy has led to shallower and shallower pockets, providing logical incentives for web surfers to seek bargains. The 11 percent increase to 24.5 million visitors to coupon sites, thus, was less of a surprise than it could have otherwise been.
Nevertheless, Memorial Day has long been considered the unofficial national commencement of summer, so traffic to travel information sites soared to million, or up 9 percent.
Travel Ad network, for example, went up 7 percent by garnering 11.7 million visitors while Yahoo! Travel went up 5 percent with 10 million pairs of eyes.
Travel agent sites like Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz also expanded by 7 percent with 45 million visitors.
Whether the visits yielded actual vacations rather than simply illustrating cyber voyeurism is not clear. Either way, these reports could keep showing such trends if the economy continues its descent.