The font you use can determine your personality, individuality, and style. Fonts are not just for Mac-using designers and typographers anymore, according to Jessica Bennett in her Newsweek article “Just Go to Helvetica.” Th

e digital revolution has transformed fonts into another avenue for personal style. Whether you use Verdana, Georgia, or the celebrated Helvetica, your typeface selection can describe you as edgy, sophisticated, or maybe even flirty.

These days, even a little knowledge about fonts is essential. Indeed, “Knowledge of Fonts” was once a category on Jeopardy. Because people spend so much time on a computer, a unique typeface is now another way to set you apart from the next person. Your personality is defined by the shape, density, and curve of a letter that expresses mood, tone, and distinctness.

Fonts, in fact, are significant enough that Barack Obama is praised for his “brand” of type while Hillary Clinton’s font is described as “a snooze of a serif.” What’s more, celebrities Kate Moss and Beyonce both have unique fonts to match their brand.

So what are your options for selecting a font? More than likely, your computer operating system has a wide range of free types you can choose from. And, even if you don’t find one that really says something special about you, over ten thousand typefaces exist and are available for purchase and download. If you really want to go the extra mile, designing and selling your own font is possible for a few bucks.

Even better, your personal handwriting can be turned into a personal font style. For $9 Fontifier will convert your handwriting into a font that can be easily downloaded onto your computer.

Font options are aplenty in the age of technology. It’s only a matter of finding the font that fits who you are.

By Kathleen Clark
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